Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Purchase A Professional Knife Set

For every kitchen there needs to be a professional knife set which will ease the job for the person cooking. You will find a variety of knives under the chef knife professional set i.e. from cutting, slicing to carving. Each of the tasks will have a specified knife in the chef knife professional set. Although these can only be used for specific tasks some can be used for more than one task.

Upon purchasing a professional knife set you will a get a chef knife, utility knife, paring knife, carving knife, bread knife, fillet knife and cleaver. In addition to all of these you will also find a pair of kitchen shears. Most knives when bought as set come with forged or stamped blades. Out of the two, the forged blades are the best quality.

In a professional knife set you will see knife handles made from Micarda which is synthetic material. There are other types of handle available like wood, metal and plastic. It depends on the person as to which handle you would like to use.  However Micarda knives are said to be easy to handle when compared to other types.

When looking for a professional knife set you will come across several types of knives available in the local store. That are not of superior quality or serve the purpose you may need. But when purchasing make sure you are comfortable with the knife that you have purchased. The life of a good quality knife generally lasts longer than that of others.

Before purchasing a professional knife set, you might want to ask yourself certain questions; such as what level of cooking skill that you have in the kitchen, the number of times you will be cooking, the type of meals that will be cooked and the cost of the professional knife set that you are considering.

There are certain types of knives which can be used for every kind of kitchen. The classic examples of such knives are bread knife. It’s a must that everyone should have a bread knife whether you cook or not.

One factor that needs to be considered when purchasing a professional knife set is the size and the types of knives. The price too needs to be considered before you head out to buy. The other factor that needs to be considered when buying a professional knife set is the material that is used to make the knives. You do not want to spend money on a professional set that is not worth it.

You should search online for  the best deals as well as information before heading to buy any professional knife set. If you are still unsure of the knives you need,then  you could seek advice from professionals.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Find the Right Chinese Chef Knife

Cooking is certainly something that has become big business in this day and age. Needless to say that with more and more people edging towards healthy eating options, cooking at home has become a real fad. This is why there is such a focus on kitchen tools and utensils. In addition to this, you should also be aware of is that while there are many sites out there that offer you kitchen tools, you need to see what you need when it comes to your requirements. Choosing the right type of Chinese chef knife can be a task if you do not know where to look. 

Chinese food is a perennial favorite amongst many. This is why there is a huge sales increase in this thing known as a Chinese chef knife. When it comes to choosing the ideal Chinese chef knife, remember that you need to wade through many substandard ones. One thing that you do need to always avoid would be a Chinese chef knife that is made out of carbon steel. The reason for this is that this is something that is susceptible to rust. In addition to this ensure that you try and purchase a Chinese chef knife that is made out of stainless steel.

What you must also consider would be the cleaver versus knife aspect. This is something that depends on the person and can be easily sorted by choosing the different way in which you cook. When choosing a Chinese chef knife remember that you must do a proper search throughout cyberspace and pick up something that you are comfortable with. There are many choices out there and it is up to you to decide what type of Chinese chef knife you do desire. You could in fact check some of the many cookery sites that would also give you advice on what to pick and choose.

When it comes to considering the price of a Chinese chef knife remember once again this depends on that type of materials that have been used. While you could certainly opt for something that is of premium quality, you could also ensure that you get something that is custom made to suit all your individual needs. Yet again as above this all depends on your individual need and what you require. At the end of the day if you are looking for a Chinese chef knife that is functional and versatile then you need to choose one for this particular purpose. 

All in all you can certainly choose something that is ideal for you once you know where exactly to look. One of the most important things would be for you not to rush your search. Do a decent scouring around and then make a conscious purchase decision.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Purchasing The Best Chef Knife

Chefs don’t cook mind you; they create works of art, not with paint or canvas, but with the given ingredients. If you mix lettuce with ground beef and add a few flavorings you are indeed not a chef, but if you do the trick with a few neatly cut slices of tomatoes with a pinch of parsley at the center of the dish, then a chef is who you are. To do this, you need the right ingredients and the right degree of drive. Just because you maybe able to cook or may have cooked all your life, it does not make you a chef. Then comes the tools you use for cooking. If you haven’t got the right pots and pans, you will not be able to do exactly what you intent on doing.

A chef knife is one of the most important tools you will have to use. It is also called the French knife and evolved from the typical butch’s knife. It is now a vital kitchen tool that can be used to cut a variety of items from vegetable and fruits to meat. Since knives are so important, you must know how to choose the best chef knife if you wish to prepare all the best western recipes.

A typical chef knife is about 20 cm in length and 4 cm wide at its broadest point. Those who cook regularly know how important it is to have the best chef knife. In fact, owing one best chef knife can even change one’s attitude about cooking entirely. This article discusses the two most important components that the best chef knives must have, the blade and the handle.

The Blade

The blade of a best chef knife must be made of a non-corroding, lasting material such as stainless steel, in other words, high carbon steel. It should not be too heavy nor to blunt, if you are to cook with ease. A best chef knife needn’t sharpening for over two weeks. Even if the blade does need to be sharpened, with a best chef knife, it will be faster and easier. The edge sharpness and the edge retention are other factors that must be considered when using a knife.

The Handle

The handle, preferably made of wood, must be just the right weight. If the handle is light, the knife may tend to slip forward and fall off the cutting board. A best chef knife has the best handle too. A handle that is slanted and shaped for easy, tight grip will ensure safety while using it, no matter how quick you slide it across your ingredients.

Overall, a best chef knife should be strong, durable, safe, sharp and most importantly affordable.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Japanese Chef Knives

A chefs knife is basic tool used in food preparation. There are chefs knives that originate from different countries such as German, China and Japan.

Japan is famous for making knives and has a long history in producing best quality knives. Japanese chefs knifes are popular among chefs worldwide. They use the knowledge gained from their samurai sword making tradition and superior technology to produce high quality knives. They are also called santoku. Japanese chefs knives are originally designed to cut a variety of food items including fish, vegetables and meat.
Japanese chefs knives are famous for their beauty and functionality. It comes with a blade that is very sharp but balanced. These knives are made out of stainless steel blades. The handle is a metal extension of the blade itself and has a good grip.

There are several benefits of using a Japanese chefs knife. It will almost always reduce the prep time in the kitchen making the cooking process fast and easy. A Japanese chefs knife will also improve the quality of the work due to its sharpness. Knowing how to hold, use and care for a Japanese chefs knife is very important. However most people who purchase these, lack the knowledge and understanding of their use.
A good understanding of how to use a Japanese chefs knife will improve the use and durability of the knives. It will also minimize the potential accidents when using the knife and provide basic skills that will make cooking easy and fast. It is necessary to learn how to hold, draw, slice and chop with a Japanese chefs knife before actually using it. Articles on how to use Japanese chefs knives can be found online.

A Japanese chefs knifes compromise of a knife tips, knife cutting edge, knife heel, knife back, knife bolster, knife tang, rivet and knife butt. The tip of the knife is used to cut through vegetable and make cuts when cubing or striping vegetables. The tip is often used to strip meat.
The chef knife cutting edge is for cutting slices of vegetables and meat. The chef knife heel is the last two inches of the blade. This is used for hard cutting, dicing and slicing.

There are several brands of chefs knives. They can be purchased at stores selling cutlery or online. The part of the blade that is held when using the knife is called the chefs knife back. This part is also used for breaking ice.  The metal part that lies between the blade and the handle extends to the bottom of the blade. This is known as the chefs knife bolster. This part gives balance to the knife and makes it easy to hold. It also keeps the fingers from sliding under the blade.

 Several different brands of Japanese kitchen knife block sets are available. They can be purchased at stores selling cutlery or online. A chef’s knife is expensive but owning one good chef’s knife comes in handy for every cook.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Do You Need A Chef Knife Bag?

When it comes to cooking and all its related aspects, you should feel like you have the knowledge and intellect to deal with food and all the different ingredients. Another factor that you must consider would be the numerous tools and utensils that will help you cook a splendid meal. Now a days home cooking has  become more popular and requires some education to make the meal turn out like the ones in a cookbook or your favorite cooking shows. If cooking is something that you have become passionate about, then you might want to consider buying a chef knife bag.

The ideal chef knife bag would be one that is both functional and versatile. Needless to say this is something that needs to be looked into rather carefully before buying. The fact of the matter is there are many things that you might want to consider like whether you want it custom made or are you fine with one purchased at a cooking store or from an online site. Having said that you should be able to make the right decision if you look at a few options that are available online. As a budding home chef you will realize that there are quite a few tools and utensils that you will want in order to make you successful in the kitchen.

For those who are really dedicated to the art of cooking, when it comes to searching for that ideal chef knife bag remember that there are dedicated sites out there for your perusal. Moreover, when considering what goes into a chef knife bag or kitchen block set remember that there are a whole lots of different types of knives that you need to familiarize yourself with before selecting the right one for you. All in all these are a just a few of the tips that you need to think of and consider when looking for a chef knife bag. It would also make sense to think of the various seasonal offers that are there as well.

Most of the sites offer incredible promotions such as “buy a chef knife bag and get a set of knives for free”. These are a great value for the money and need to be looked into just so that you are sure to benefit a lot from them. This is not all; it would make sense at some point to subscribe to various newsletters, emails and mailers out there. This way when a promotion does take place, you can benefit from the sale. AS you probably would have guessed there are promos that are so incredible, the stock just vanishes before you can even think of a chef knife bag. All in all you are assured of making an excellent choice provided you do take the time to research as much as possible before diving in and buying the first chef knife bag that you come across.     

Monday, August 6, 2012

Best Kitchen Knife Block Sets:Calphalon Chef Knife

The essential knife to all chefs is the Calphalon Chef Knife. You can be the master of your kitchen if you have in your hands the Contemporary Cutlery 8 Calphalon Chef Knife. This Calphalon Chefs Knife is perfect for just about anything which means doing everything from cutting potatoes to making small fine cuts and it’s so tough you can start using the blade to break skin off of garlic. The Blade edge of the Calphalon Chef Knife is gently curved from tip to heel. This design lets you to use a gentle regular rocking and gliding movement as you cut. The Full tang design provides better balance and high strength while cutting. One piece forging of the blade, the bolster, and the tang for lifetime durability. Also the ergonomic grip handle uniquely shaped for a comfortable one size that fits all. A Calphalon Chef Knife is made from High carbon, no-stain German steel from tip to tang. This steel sharpens easier than common stainless and maintains its edge farther. Blades are completely tapered from cutting edge to spine for greater cutting versatility. Even the handles are brilliant with Fiberglass-reinforced poly resin handles which are made to survive without a hint of degradation over the year of cutting it will do.

The Calphalon chef knife sets are some of  the most useful knife you’ll find in any kitchen. Fine meals are simply a Chop mince dice or chiffonade away with this distinctive Calphalon chef knife. The Calphalon chef knives are gently curved from tip to heel; this design lets you use a gentle rocking motion as you cut as mentioned above. The knife uses VG Japanese steel which provides it with amazingly exceptional sharpness and ultimate edge sustainability. The Damascus style curved blade is made with 33 stainless steel layers not just for distinctive style but for exceptional rigidity and the best rust resistance. Instead of the everyday traditional blade, the Calpahalon Chef Knife is shaped better and enhanced for ease of use and precision. It not only gives you a secure comfortable grip but it also offers increased control. The Ergonomic poly-resin handle is shaped especially as well for optimum comfort and balanced just right for the ultimate control and precision
If the larger Calphalon chef knife is just too much for the job, you can purchase the six inch version. This you can Use for smaller kitchen tasks like mincing shallots and herbs or cutting carrots or dicing bacon to flavor green beans. The full tang design enhances Balance and strength and again the ergonomically designed handle ensures maximum comfort and minimum fatigue while you cut.  A Calphalon Chef Knife also has neither parts to separate nor any parts that can absorb moisture

Friday, August 3, 2012

Chicago Knife Block Sets

Best Chicago Knives:

A kitchen knife is an indispensable part of your daily cooking repertoire and needs to be constantly upgraded or renewed in order to receive the best use out of it possible. The kitchen knife consists of three main functional parts; the knife tip, the knife edge and the handle.

The best chef’s knife blade is made of high carbon stainless steel, which unlike ordinary stainless steel knives won’t rust or discolor. However knives made of ordinary carbon steel are sometimes preferred by chefs because they are softer and easier to sharpen.

When you are out looking for a good kitchen knife to purchase, you need to keep some things in mind.
Kitchen knives tend to come in different sizes and are easier to use if you buy what you are comfortable using. For instance, if you are petite in size, then you would be more comfortable with a six inch blade than an eight and if you have large hands, you would be better off with a ten inch blade and so on.

The knife blade besides the steel used, can be forged or stamped. Unlike forged knives, stamped knives are punched out of a sheet of steel and tend to be lighter than forged ones. When browsing for knives at the store, ask if the knife needs to be sharpened frequently: Some knives never need sharpening.
You can also browse for popular brands online, before stepping out to buy one. The Chicago cutlery chef knife belongs to one such brand. This Company started off as knife conditioning service but has grown to include professional knives for the home kitchen to its product repertoire.

Chicago Cutlery Block Sets:

 The Chicago cutlery chef knife is one of the most popular high quality knives around. They come in sets or in single pieces and can be bought according to function. Customer reviews on the Chicago cutlery kitchen knife sets highlight its superb quality and comparatively inexpensive price. The Chicago cutlery knives are easy to use and care for, plus it never needs sharpening.

The Chicago cutlery chef knife is made of stainless steel and poly steel handles instead of light plastic, so they are more durable than most knives and can last you a long time. If you choose to purchase a Chicago cutlery kitchen knife set, you will receive a carving knife, a paring knife, bread knife, butcher knife, filet knife, utility and chef knives, together with a lifetime warranty.

The Chicago cutlery chef knife belongs to one of the most trusted brands in the cutlery market and is quite a safe bet when you are undecided about what knife type or brand to buy. If you are unsure about quality, always go by brand name and make sure it has been extensively reviewed.